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Guiding Documents

Strategic Plan

Long Range Plan (Full Res 15MB pdf link) (Reduced Size pdf link)

Kentucky Public Library Standards

2011 MCPL Standards Report (pdf link)

Auditor of Public Accounts Recommendations for Public and Nonprofit Boards (pdf link)

Statutes Relating to Libraries

Weblink to Statutes

Open Records Information

Statistical Reports

2016 MCPL Annual Report (pdf link)

2015 MCPL Annual Report (pdf link)

2014 MCPL Annual Report (pdf link)

2013 MCPL Annual Report (pdf link)

2012 MCPL Annual Report (pdf link)

2011 MCPL Annual Report (pdf link)

Kentucky Public Library Statistics

Fiscal Reports

KY Dept. for Local Government Special Districts Home Page

2012 Special Districts Budget Form (pdf link)

2011 Special Districts Budget Form (pdf link)

2016 Uniform Financial Information Report UFIR (pdf link)

2015 Uniform Financial Information Report UFIR (pdf link)

2014 Uniform Financial Information Report UFIR (pdf link)

2013 Uniform Financial Information Report UFIR (pdf link)

2012 Uniform Financial Information Report UFIR (pdf link)

2011 Uniform Financial Information Report UFIR (pdf link)

2016 MCPL Audit Report (pdf link)

2015 MCPL Annual audit (pdf link)

2014 MCPL Annual audit (pdf link)

2013 MCPL Annual audit (pdf link)

2012 MCPL Annual audit (pdf link)

2011 MCPL Annual audit (pdf link)


Certification Requirements for Staff and Board

Board Meeting Information


2017 Meeting Schedule (pdf link)


2016 Meeting Schedule (pdf link)


2015 Meeting Schedule (pdf link)


2014 Meeting Schedule (pdf link)


xx December 2013 Agenda (pdf link)

xx November2013 Agenda (pdf link)

October 2013 Agenda (pdf link)

September 2013 Agenda (pdf link)

August 2013 Agenda (pdf link)

July 2013 Agenda (pdf link)

June 2013 Agenda (pdf link)

May 2013 Agenda (pdf link)

April 2013 Agenda (pdf link)

March 2013 Agenda (pdf link)

February 2013 Agenda (pdf link)

January 2013 Agenda (pdf link)

xx December 2013 Minutes(pdf link)

xx November 2013 Minutes(pdf link)

xx October 2013 Minutes(pdf link)

September 2013 Minutes(pdf link)

August 2013 Minutes(pdf link)

July 2013 Minutes(pdf link)

xx June 2013 Minutes(pdf link)

May 2013 Minutes(pdf link)

April 2013 Minutes(pdf link)

March 2013 Minutes(pdf link)

February 2013 Minutes(pdf link)

January 2013 Minutes(pdf link)

Revised--2013 Meeting Schedule (pdf link)


2012 Revised Schedule (pdf link)

Special Meeting -- December 10th, 2012

December 2012 Agenda (pdf link)

November 2012 Agenda Special Meeting (pdf link)

October 2012 Agenda (pdf link)

September 2012 Agenda (pdf link)

August 2012 Agenda (pdf link)

July 2012 Agenda (pdf link)

June 2012 Agenda (pdf link)

May 2012 Agenda (pdf link)

December 10, 2012 Minutes, special meeting(pdf link)

December 2012 Minutes(pdf link)

November 2012 Minutes(pdf link)

October 2012 Minutes(pdf link)

September 2012 Minutes(pdf link)

August 2012 Minutes(pdf link)

July 2012 Minutes(pdf link)

June 2012 Minutes(pdf link)

May 2012 Minutes(pdf link)

April 2012 Minutes (pdf link)

Archives (pdf link)

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