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Richmond Building

Richmond location from Main entrance
The Richmond location has bragging rights to high vaulted ceiling and lots of room to move around.

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Dividable Community Room

This community room is used for various library programs and is also available for free use by groups throughout the community.  The room also contains a kitchenette and video projection system. The room may be used as one large room or can be divided into two smaller rooms using a sound dampening divider. 
CKBC Blood Drive
Many groups use our rooms.  For instance, the Central KY blood Center host a blood drive once a month (above)
To learn more about using this room, Click on the link below:
Meeting Rooms

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Programming Room

Smaller meeting and programming room
This smaller room is available for community use as well.  A more intimate size could be just the thing, when your group needs to get down to business.
To learn more about using this room, Click on the link below:
Meeting Rooms

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Richmond Public Internet Access

Public Internet area
The Madison County Public Library proudly offers public internet access free of charge.  Patrons may use their Library cards and PIN to instantly sign onto our computers. Visitors may obtain a Guest pass for this putrpose. All machines are first come first served.  The computers each contain several powerful productive programs, media burners, and USB access.  A hardware firewall device reduces Internet risks and prevents the use of torrent/P2P sites which slow down overall Internet access and encourage piracy.
As always, if you have any questions, ask a librarian.

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Richmond Children's Area

Bright colors and playful shapes will undoubtedly draw children into their new area.  Early readers will find lots of materials.  The juvenile collections are only steps away when they are ready.
Chilren's area desk and overview
A spaceous layout is perfect for exploring. There is a lot for your child to see.
Imaginations sail in this playfully painted boat.  Is it a viking ship, battleship, sailboat, or pirate ship.  Only your child knows for certain.
A mural spanning the entire far wall offers even more food for hungry imaginations

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Teen Room

Richmond Teen Room
This room gives our teenage reader's a comfortable place to gather and share ideas.  Well lit, but without TOO MUCH privacy,  it  ensures that our teens will always feel invited.
large windows to allow extra light in
Young adult area
The Young Adult collection is available and waiting right across from the Teen Room.  Explore it today!!!

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