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Berea Staff

Danny Jacobs, Branch Services Supervisor
Pat Acevedo, Youth Services Librarian
David Payne, Youth Services Assistant
Cara Woods, Library Assistant
Carrie Watson, Library Assistant
Clifford Croxford, Library Assistant
Deborah Howell, Library Assistant
Erik Jordison, Library Assistant
Katlyn Ramsey, Library Assistant
Michele Bryant, Library Assistant
Shane Seals, Library Assistant
Shelley Tucker, Library Assistant

Richmond Staff

Paige Beichler, Branch Services Supervisor
Ari Barron, Youth Services Librarian
Bethany Halbert, Youth Services Assistant
Andrea Noe-Whitaker, Library Assistant
Bob Douglas, Library Assistant
Cecilee Tangel, Library Assistant
Christian Bolling, Library Assistant
Heather Angel, Library Assistant
Judy Musketnuss, Library Assistant
Karen Rucker, Library Assistant
Laritza Gomez, Library Assistant
Rachel Edelstein, Library Assistant
Steve Parsley, Library Assistant
Ricky Combs, Library Assistant
Taye Spink, Library Assistant

Bookmobile Staff

Beth Madden, Programming and Outreach Services Supervisor
Marcia Noe, Bookmobile Clerk

Countywide Staff

Ruthie Maslin, Library Director
Abbie Harris, Resources Services Manager
Christina Cornelison, Public Services Manager
Terre' Rouse, Cataloging/Technical Services Manager
John Payne, Support Services Manager

April Schultz, Administrative and Marketing Assisstant
Ashley Walling, Cataloging/Tech Services
Athena Gentry, Adult Programming Coordinator
Beth Madden, Programming and Outreach Services Supervisor
Brandon Thompson, Outreach Coordinator
Bree McGaffey, Cataloging/Tech Services
Katherine Little, Cataloging/Tech Services Assistant
Lucas Short, Digital Services Coordinator
, IT Assistant
Josh Strawser, Support Services Clerk/Courier
Marcia Noe, Bookmobile Clerk

MCPL Board Members

Judy Flavell -- President
Phillis Adams -- Vice President
Jackie Couture -- Secretary
Nola Newman -- Treasurer
Gus LaFontaine -- Trustee
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859-986-7112                                             Madison County Public Library                                             859-623-6704