Trail Town Maps

Our maps have the added bonus of having embedded GPS positions. With the Avenza Maps® app on your mobile device, a moving blue dot is added to the maps showing your location.

Use Avenza Maps® on your mobile devices to locate yourself without the Internet or network connections. Take Avenza Maps hiking, biking, climbing, camping and anywhere you need a map outdoors. Use your device’s built-in GPS to stay safe, on track, on the trail, and aware of where you are on any map, even in the most remote places.

To add our map to Avenza Maps®:

  • Copy the URL (website address) of the map you want to add
  • Press the + symbol on the App
  • at the the bottom of the "Import Map" page, Tap to enter a URL of a map
  • . Paste the URL
  • NOTE: Without a subscription, Avenza Maps® only allows a limited number of maps. You may need to delete a map to add a map. That map can be added back later if you need it.