Dr. Rusty Rechenbach Presents: The Botanic Garden & My Old Kentucky Plays

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Dr. Rusty Rechenbach reads from The Botanic Garden & My Old Kentucky Plays, a collection written by Richard Cavendish. 

Richard Cavendish is the registered pen name with Dramatists Guild of America for the Rev. Dr. Russell Richard Rechenbach, II, a native of Frankfort, KY. He graduated from Transylvania University with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Drama and Religion and completed the Master of Divinity and the Doctor of Ministry degrees from the Lexington Theological Seminary. He attended Mansfield College in Oxford, England. He retired from the ministry in 2011 to write historical dramas. 

Dr. Rechenbach has restored the Old Parsonage of Andrew Tribble built in 1794, located in Richmond to be used for community events. His play, Botherum, was chosen as Best 10 Minute Play 2017 with Kentucky Theater Association's Roots of the Bluegrass Play Writing Competition. His plays Night Music of the River 2016, the Botanic Garden 2018, and Beatin' the Dark Home 2019 were chosen first place finalists. 

Dr. Rechenbach will be available for book signing at the conclusion of the program. This event is free of charged and all are welcome.



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