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Meeting Rooms

Madison County Public Library
Community Room Agreement
Approved by Board September 20, 2005

Meeting Room Policy

The Madison County Public Library continually strives to provide library services to all citizens in the county.  The provision of meeting room space is part of that service.  The meeting rooms in both facilities of the library will be available to all groups in the county or groups providing services to county residents Programs must be educational, cultural or informational in nature. The branch librarian or the director reserves the right to make exceptions to these policies.

1.      Library programs and functions take precedence over any groups wishing to use the community room. Groups using community rooms may be asked to move should the need arise to schedule a library event.  Every attempt will be made to keep this from happening.

2.      Meeting room use must be scheduled in advance with the branch staff.  Weekly meetings may not be scheduled on a regular basis.  Special programming may be scheduled, with the approval of the branch librarian or director, for no more than 3 days in a row or no more than 2 weeks in a row.

3.      The branch librarian or the director reserves the right to deny use of the community room to any group that might cause disturbance to the normal routine of the library or to the community. 

4.      Groups may reserve the community room by having an appointed representative contact the library.   At that point the representative will:

  • Verify the availability of the date.
  • Give library staff the name of the group and the purpose of the group.
  • Give library staff possible number in attendance.
  • Give library staff name and phone number of responsible party for the group.
  • Reserve any equipment that the group might need.

  • 5.      Groups should identify one individual to come in and fill out an application and pick up a key prior to the meeting.

    6.      No admission can be charged for events occurring in the community room unless it is solely to cover the cost of materials or a presenter for a program.  The community room may be used for training by retail groups but products cannot be sold.

    7.      Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the community room or anywhere in the library facility.

    8.      An adult, 21 years or older, must be in charge of all activities in the community room.

    9.      The cost for repair of any damage to equipment or to the facility caused through misuse or carelessness shall be reimbursed to the library by the group using the facilities at the time of the damage.

    10.    Organizations will be responsible for setting up their room for their meeting. Requests for AV equipment will be handled earlier by the staff and equipment will be returned to their normal places by the staff. A checklist for cleaning will be provided that must be completed and returned if a group wishes to use the community room at another time

    11.    Groups meeting outside library hours are responsible for picking up the room key during library hours and for returning the key in the outside bookdrop.

    12.    Any falls or accidents should be reported immediately to library staff if the building is open. If not, please inform staff of the incident on the next business day.

    13.    Minimal kitchen facilities are available. Groups should bring their own refreshments, paper products, etc.

    14.    There is no charge for the use of the community room but a $25.00 donation will be gratefully accepted. Donations are voluntary and do not affect access to the community room.

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