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Madison County Public Library

Circulation Policies (2022)

Library Cards

Library Card Applications

All customers are required to complete a library card application form when requesting borrowing privileges. Library card applications are shredded after account information has been verified in the library’s ILS.


Persons requesting borrowing privileges must reside, own property, or work in Madison County. Exceptions are made for Kentucky Public Library users.

User Types

  • Adult users: ages 18 and over. 
  • Young Adult users: 14-17 years of age.
  • Juvenile users: ages 13 and under.
  • Kentucky Public Library users: defined as any Kentucky resident who presents a valid library card from another Kentucky public library.

Acceptable Identification

Those requesting borrowing privileges must present the following acceptable form(s) of identification:

  • Valid photo ID with current physical address
  • OR Valid photo ID AND another item displaying current physical address, such as recently postmarked mail, personal checks, property tax receipt, or other substantiated document
  • The library will mail cards to customers who present valid photo ID but have no proof of their current physical address.

A parent, guardian, or responsible adult must present acceptable identification and sign the application as the account’s responsible party for all Juvenile users. The signer is responsible for all materials checked out on an account.

Young Adult users who present acceptable ID are not required to have a parent/guardian/responsible adult signature to gain borrowing privileges, but are held solely responsible for items checked out on their account.

Corporate Cards

Local businesses, agencies, and organizations may qualify for a Corporate Card. Those seeking corporate borrowing privileges must complete the Corporate Card Application and present the following acceptable identification:

  • Photo ID of the organization’s responsible party and authorized users
  • A substantiated document, including but not limited to company letterhead, check, recently postmarked mail, or business card that displays the organization’s current physical address

Library Card Renewal

Library cards are set to expire two years after the date of registration. Library card renewal can be achieved upon verification of contact information associated with the account.

Missing, Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

Customers should notify the library immediately in the event of a lost or stolen card. Replacement cards are issued free of charge. 

Borrowing and Returning Materials


The library checks out materials to any customer who presents a valid library card. Customers may present acceptable identification or successfully answer identifying questions to access their account in the absence of a card.

Loan Periods

  • New Books: 14 days
  • Books and Audiobooks: 28 days
  • Magazines, Music CDs, Video Games: 14 days
  • DVDs and BluRays: 7 days
  • Downloadable Materials: 7, 14, or 21 days
  • Special Loan Periods: items borrowed through Interlibrary Loan will have loan periods determined by the lending library. 


Materials with no holds will be automatically renewed prior to the due date for up to two additional loan periods. Customers will receive an email notification of automatically renewed materials. Materials also may be renewed in person, by phone, or online.


  • Limits by User Type:
    • Adult, Juvenile, Young Adult, and Kentucky Public Library User: 30 items
    • Corporate Cards: 50 items
  • Limits by Item Type:
    • DVDs and BluRays: 10 per cardholder
    • Video Games: 2 per cardholder


A reserve may be placed on any circulating library material. Reserves may be placed in person, by phone, or online. Reserves are processed in the order they are placed. Customers may suspend fulfillment of a reserve upon request.

The library will hold all reserved materials for pickup for 5 days. Customers will be notified by email, text message, or phone call when a reserved item is available.

Customers may have up to 30 items on reserve at one time. Checkout limits by item type also apply to reserves. Unfulfilled reserves will expire after one year.

Returning Materials

Materials checked out from any Madison County Public Library location may be returned to any other Madison County Public Library location, including remote book drops.

All outside book and media drops are accessible 24 hours per day. Materials returned to library location book drops after closing but prior to opening are considered returned on the previous business day. Materials returned to remote book drops are backdated to the date of the last courier pick up. 

Overdue Items

Library materials are considered overdue on the day following the due date assigned by the library’s ILS. Items more than 31 days overdue are considered lost and charged to the customer’s account. 

Pre-due Notices

Customers will receive a courtesy reminder notice via email or text two days prior to a material's due date.

Overdue Notices

Customers are notified weekly via mail, email, or text when an item on their account is overdue. Customers are also notified by staff of any overdue item at the time the customer’s record is accessed.

Damaged, Incomplete, and Lost Items

Damaged Items

Items are considered damaged when they are rendered unusable by another customer. The borrower of an item that is returned damaged may be responsible for replacement costs. Damaged items found on the shelf will not be checked out if repair or replacement is required. 

Incomplete Items

Items that are returned with missing parts that would prohibit use by another customer are considered incomplete. Incomplete items will be renewed and will remain on a customer’s account until all parts have been returned.

Lost Items

Items that are at least 31 days overdue are considered lost. Customers will be charged the cost of the lost material. If no cost is known, the customer will be charged the format’s default amount. Customers with $50 or more in lost item charges will lose borrowing privileges. In order to reinstate privileges, lost items must be paid for or replaced.

Customers may provide the library with a new replacement item rather than paying the lost item fee. Replacement items must be in good condition and have an ISBN that is identical to the lost item. Items withdrawn from other libraries will not be accepted as replacements.

Customers who return lost items deleted from the library’s ILS will be offered a refund of any paid replacement costs, or maintain possession of the item. 

Fines, Fees, and Payments

Fines and Fees

  • Lost items: fines are set at the price of the item. 
  • Copy/Print charges:
    • Black and white copy: $.10 per page
    • Color copy: $.50 per page
  • Credit card convenience:
    • 6% at TBS payment stations
    • 24 hour $5 hold at TBS payment stations


The library accepts cash, checks, and credit/debit cards as methods of payment for any library-related fee, product or service.


The library will waive all fines and fees associated with a customer’s account upon notification through official court documentation when customers are approved for filing bankruptcy.


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