Internet Use

Adults, Kids, Teens

Madison County Public Library
Internet Use Policy (2019)


  • The library provides free access to the internet for all customers and visitors aged 14 and over. Those under the age of 14 must have an internet permission agreement signed by a guardian to access the library’s internet computers.
  • Library internet use is at the customer’s discretion. The library expressly disclaims liability for any damages incurred by use of the library’s internet services.
  • The library is not responsible for digital content or information accessed by library internet computers or the library’s internet connection. Providing access to the internet does not constitute library endorsement of internet content.
  • Customers using the library’s internet services must abide by The Rules of Conduct for Library Use.


  • Customers and visitors may access the library’s internet computers for three hours per day. Customers may request extended time in the absence of a waiting list.
  • Customers must login to public computers using their library card and PIN numbers. Visitors without a library card must obtain a card or request a guest pass.
  • Wifi access on personal devices is unlimited and available during and after business hours.
  • All library computers employ internet filters in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act of 2003. Filtering software prohibits access to sites that contain objectionable material, violate obscenity and pornography laws, or compromise the library’s equipment. Filters may be disabled upon customer request.
  • Customers using public computers must agree to the library's Internet Use policies, provided upon login.
  • Library staff may request that customers cease viewing or listening to sites that threaten the safe and comfortable environment of the library, or that interfere with the library’s ability to operate.
  • Any use of library equipment to access material that is obscene, harmful to minors, or depicts images of child pornography is expressly prohibited. Violation of this policy may result in a loss of library privileges. Illegal activity involving library internet services may be subject to prosecution.


  • The library does not retain internet browsing histories, session data, passwords or personal information entered into website forms accessed by library computers.
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