Meeting Rooms

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Madison County Public Library
Meeting Room Policy (2021)

Meeting Room Use

Library meeting rooms are available for individuals and organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, charitable, advocacy, civic, religious, recreational, and political activities. 

  • Meeting rooms may not be used for direct sales or private parties. 
  • Admission fees cannot be charged for meetings or programs.
  • Individuals or organizations must reserve meeting rooms using the library’s online reservation system, or by contacting the library. Meeting rooms may be reserved up to three months in advance.
  • Those wishing to schedule frequently occurring meetings must receive prior approval from library administration. An individual or group may reserve a meeting room no more than five times in a two month period.
  • Those wishing to schedule meetings outside of regular library hours must receive prior approval from the Director.  Richmond meeting rooms may be booked for extended hours (based on security and custodial availability) for an hourly fee of $50.
  • A cleanup fee for large groups (50 or more) or groups serving food will apply.


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