Rules of Conduct for Library Use

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Madison County Public Library
Rules of Conduct for Library Use (2012)

The Madison County Public Library’s Board of Trustees adopted the Rules of Conduct for Library Use in order to promote an inviting, comfortable, safe, and sanitary environment that is conducive to intended library use. These rules also insure that all customers have access to and use of the library’s materials, spaces (both interior and exterior), and services without unreasonable interference from others. Any person violating these rules may be asked to leave the library for the remainder of the day or for a longer period of time. Any person who refuses to leave the library after being requested to do so for violating these Rules, or who returns to the library prior to the authorized time, may be subject to arrest and prosecution for trespass. If an address is known, written notification will be sent to any persons who are removed from the premises for more than the remainder of the day advising persons of the date they may return to the library and that such removal can be appealed to the Madison County Public Library Board. Any removal from the library applies to all branches of the library.

The following actions are not permitted inside the library building or on library grounds, including the parking lot, extended parking areas, and green spaces:

  1. Violating any local, state or federal law.
  2. Annoying, harassing, threatening, or otherwise abusing another person.
  3. Loitering, defined as remaining in the library without reading, studying, or using library materials or facilities or being engaged in library-related activities.
  4. Sleeping, appearing to be asleep, or camping inside the library or on library grounds, including the parking lot, extended parking areas, and green spaces, on a regular basis.
  5. Inappropriate dress, including entering and remaining in the library barefoot or without wearing a shirt.
  6. Eating or drinking, except in designated areas or as involved in a library program. Tobacco use of any kind is prohibited.
  7. Stealing, defacing, or destroying library property.
  8. Being inside the library when it is closed, except officially scheduled meetings and events.
  9. Interfering with any person’s use of the library, including but not limited to preventing free passage of others; behaving in a disorderly, loud, disruptive, or indecent manner; playing audio equipment loudly enough to disturb others; talking on cell phones loudly enough to disturb others. Disruptive personal hygiene is also not allowed.
  10. Soliciting, selling, campaigning, proselytizing.
  11. Leaving young children or vulnerable adults unsupervised or unattended.
  12. Bringing unleashed or uncaged animals into the library or leaving any animal unattended in the library or near an entrance.
  13. Skateboarding/rollerblading in the library or in the parking lot.
  14. Running in the library.
  15. Violating any computer policies.
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